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Or convert them to mp3. All we need is a Post Link to get started. Here's one..

How to use this site?

So you're here and don't know what to do? Let us help you with that! It is very easy to use to download videos from Instagram and convert them to mp3. Yes, it's out there... Turn your favorite Instagram video into a ringtone in just a snap! All you need is that famous Instagram Post URL Link we keep mentioning.. Otherwise it's as simple as 1-2-3(-4)...

1 - Open Post on

2 - Locate & Copy Post URL Link **

3 - Paste Link into White Box above

4 - Press Submit & download media

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we're sorry, due to some unforseen circumstances, we've had to temporarily disable popular videos section. It'll be back! Just need some kind of censoring mechanism implemented.. Not all videos are appropriate for work... =)

Get in touch. Really?

Awright geeezzaa! Vada 'ere, that's right , we stayin' over there. Just a few mawer steps sowf, inside what door, go down stairs an' 'ere we are sittin' an' coding.. Sorted mate?

But to be serious, we've compiled a few questions that users are asking us, so here are the quick answers to those questions, and maybe no contact is needed after reading this?

Q: Video doesn't download but starts playing. What do to?

A: Right click on video and select Save Video/Link As.

That was for desktop or laptop PC, where mouse is available. For Mobile (Android) - tap and hold video until menu to save it shows up. For IOS/Mac devices, - you need special browser that allows media file downloads to fully enjoy our website and actually be able to download instagram videos..

Q: How to get Instagram Post Link? What is "Link"?

A: Each post has menu - tap that and in that menu tap ..

on Iphone menu looks like this but inside it's still Copy Link. So that tapped, link is in your device's Clipboard. Now you need to ... oh wait.. So that's how you get Instagram Post Link.. so anyways, I'll continue.. seems appropriate... So now you need to open our instagram downloader in a browser, tap on the white box in the center, and hold your finger until menu shows up, pick option to Paste from Clipboard. That explains both how to get link and submit it.. now Link is a Uniform Resource Locator, it's the actual website name with some extra words after it, that entered into a browser adress bar universally lead to some page somewhere... Example is your facebook link - - that is a link right there... Hope this helps.

Q: Can you recommend good facebook video downloader?

A: Well, yeah! Check out this great facebook video downloader, you can also try keepvid

so thanks for asking! We've also only heard good stuff about this youtube downloader, check it out.

Q: Is this service free?

A: Yes, it's free and will always be. It's made with love and best https secure intentions.